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XVII century Europe tour

Consort Brouillamini invite you to a journey around the Baroque Europe in order to discover the different kind of music that delighted chapels and courts in the XVIIth century. Those musical treassure made for an orchestra are fully rearranged to match the Brouillamini formation : à five recorder consort. This journey will lead us in france, with Marc Antoine Charpentier and Jean Baptiste Lully, composer at the court of the sun king Louis XIV. Thanks to his music, Lully was a famous composer at his time and inspired a lot of others such as Georg Muffat and his “Florilegium Musicum”. Then the journey will continue in England with composer Matthew Locke, in Germany with composer Johann Rosenmüller and will join to an end in Italy, with one of the most famous concerto grosso composer : Arcangello Correli.

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Gigue angloise de Marc-Antoine Charpentier

(extrait du concert à quatre parties de violes)


Flûtes en fugue 

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