Baroque vs. contemporary


Contemporary music composed for recorder? Consort Brouillamini dare to face baroque masterpieces with some classical pieces from the contemporary repertory. Forsaken at the middle of the XVIII century, it resurgent for the past seventy years, helped by the new wave of composers. Through this unusual confrontation, repetitive rythms that compose the RV 542 concerto from Vivaldi seems to mimiq the minimalist style of Fulvio Caldiniin Clockwork-Game, meanwhile the serenity and fullness of Christie Eleison from Caldini reminds the splendid counterpoint that the Concerto for two harpsichord BWV 1060 from Bach is made of. Finally, the Karimierz Serocki trendsetting in Arrangement will come to spice up this atypical program compose of unexpected colors.








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Arrangements (1975-1976) de Kazimierz Serocki


Flûtes en fugue 

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