Virginie Botty


Born in 1985, Virginie Botty practice the piano, and quickly fall in love with the recorder she studies at the Douai CNR, under the teaching of Pascale Imbert. There, she optained her recorder gold medal with the jury's unanimity, and her gold medal in musical formation and chamber music. She gain access in 2005 at the Conservatoire National upérieur de Musique et de Danse in Lyon, under the teaching of the recorder teacher Pierre Hamon.

Virginie Botty obtain in 2010 her recorder master degree with distinction, such as her master in chamber music with Consort Brouillamini. She frequently do live performance, especially with the Barbaresque formation (trhee recorder, gothical harp and bow vièle), the Consort Brouillamini (five recorders) and in other different orchestral projects (OFJ with Cristophe Rousset).

She also owns a master degree in teaching (CA) and dedicate herself to teaching in music school in Rhônes-Alpes region.



Flûtes en fugue 

Siret: 821 407 632 00016

APE: 90.01Z